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Marijuana industry reaction to California’s 2019 legislative session: Some wins, but many MJ business issues still outstanding

California’s 2019 legislative session drew to a close earlier this month, and it was a lackluster year for cannabis business priorities, industry watchers noted, with no victories on issues such as tax relief, banking or the opening of more jurisdictions for business licensing. “It’s a mixed bag,” Amy Jenkins, chief lobbyist for the California Cannabis […]

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At long last: A full US House vote on a cannabis banking bill

The multibillion-dollar U.S. cannabis industry is poised to cross a historic threshold Wednesday with a scheduled U.S. House vote on a bill that would permit financial institutions to serve state-legal marijuana businesses without fear of federal punishment. The vote would mark the first time a standalone marijuana bill has come before the full House. And it […]

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Why marijuana firms are paying attention as higher education expands MJ course offerings across the US

Cannabis businesses are taking careful note as professional marijuana courses and programs spring up at universities and other educational institutions across the country. Examples include – to name a few – Northern Michigan University, the College of Southern Nevada, the University of Denver and Florida Gulf Coast University, with colleges offering a huge variety of […]

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Week in Review: Vape crisis continues, federal cannabis bill moves, Utah licenses & more

State regulators from across the country react to the vaping crisis, a federal marijuana banking bill sees movement, Utah ups its medical cannabis licensing opportunities – and more of the week’s top marijuana business news. States’ responses to vaping crisis State regulators nationwide have begun responding in earnest to the vaping illness epidemic, which now stands […]

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Capitalizing on marijuana markets with limited rivals: Q&A with Tilt Holdings interim CEO Mark Scatterday

Cannabis cultivation companies with a foothold in “constrained” markets – those with relatively few licenses such as Massachusetts – have a natural advantage, thanks to limited competition and marijuana supplies. Massachusetts-based Tilt Holdings is one such company. Tilt has multiple businesses that, among other things, offer cannabis-related technology and operate cultivation centers and retail stores […]

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How to tell if your cannabis business is a victim of employee theft – and how to rectify it

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the September issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) Anecdotal evidence points to a decline in employee theft in the marijuana space, but it’s safe to assume it hasn’t been eradicated. And that means cannabis retailers would be wise to play it safe. Especially because employee theft in […]

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How state cannabis regulatory agencies across the U.S. have responded to the vaping health crisis

State regulators overseeing the legal marijuana industry are adopting a wait-and-see stance as the industry determines what exactly is causing the health problems related to vaping, although California has come down more decisively against vaping of all forms. For the most part, regulators in more than a half dozen states are reacting cautiously while public […]

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