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How US cannabis growers are keeping a tight lid on costs as recession looms

As the coronavirus pandemic plunges the U.S. economy into a sharp downturn, cannabis cultivators are managing finances by rethinking capital improvements and finding any area possible to lower costs. Although demand remains strong for marijuana in many state markets, prudent cannabis cultivation executives are planning for the worst and tightening their belts. Some have become more self-reliant […]

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Can California marijuana trade groups coordinate to engage industry’s legislative gears?

More than two years into the rollout of California’s regulated recreational cannabis market, many marijuana industry associations are still struggling to work together for the common good of legal operators on objectives such as lowering state taxes, expanding the industry’s retail footprint and other strategies to improve business conditions. While the Los Angeles-based United Cannabis […]

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Oklahoma’s business-friendly medical cannabis program still has room to grow, experts say

Medical marijuana sales and patient numbers in Oklahoma continue to increase at a staggering rate, indicating the red-hot market has room to grow, although some sectors and parts of the state are saturated with businesses, industry officials say. The state’s free-market approach so far has proved successful, with April sales topping $60 million. Meanwhile, regulators have […]

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Week in Review: US House passes relief bill with cannabis banking, MO permit probe extends, ME lifts residency mandate & more

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation allowing banks to serve cannabis companies by wrapping the measure into a $3 trillion coronavirus economic relief package. The massive economic stimulus bill, proposed by House Democrats, includes language from the SAFE Banking Act, which was previously approved by the House last September and is aimed at guaranteeing […]

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