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England’s medical cannabis market shows little growth as of early 2020

England’s medical cannabis market has barely gotten off the ground since launching about 19 months ago, with a two-tier system in which few patients access products through legal channels while most resort to illicit suppliers. Looking ahead, however, some industry insiders are hopeful that recently implemented import rules could boost the number of legal medical cannabis prescriptions […]

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Why this successful Canadian brewer put cannabis beverage plans on ice

When Waterloo Brewing started laying the groundwork to enter the cannabis-infused beverage market, it touted a potential beverage segment in Canada worth upwards of 1.5 billion Canadian dollars ($1.07 billion). Now, more than two years later, one of Canada’s most successful craft brewers is shelving the plans. What happened? “When we got to the spot […]

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European cannabis market, rich with potential, worth 240 million euros in 2019, new report shows

Europe’s legal medical cannabis market might one day eclipse North America’s, but in 2019 the market was worth roughly 240 million euros ($260 million) – meaning the continent is still far from reaching its potential. That is one of the critical takeaways from Marijuana Business Daily’s updated – and free – report, “Medical Cannabis in […]

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Quality requirements a challenge for companies seeking to register medical cannabis products in Brazil

Brazil had no pending applications to register medical marijuana products as of the end of April, an indication that companies might be struggling to meet new pharmaceutical-level requirements introduced last December. “So far, only one application for Sanitary Authorization has been received, and it was already published (approved) on April 22, 2020,” a spokesperson for National […]

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New Zealand issues ‘unprecedented’ recreational cannabis bill ahead of referendum

New Zealand released recreational marijuana legislation that is set to be voted on in a nationwide referendum in September. Local business leaders are calling the proposed legislation – the Cannabis Legalization and Control Bill – “world-leading” for provisions that would reserve market share for micro cultivators, prioritize indigenous-run business and allow for consumption lounges. However, […]

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German imports of medical cannabis show little growth in early 2020

Germany imported 1,032 kilograms (2,275 pounds) of medical cannabis flower for pharmacy dispensing through March 6, an amount that indicates little if any growth versus the average cannabis imported in 2019 over an equivalent amount of time. In 2019, a total of 6,500 kilograms was imported for pharmacy dispensing, which translates into an average of […]

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Marijuana firm iAnthus’ CEO steps down after investigation into undisclosed personal loans

Hadley Ford resigned as CEO and a director of multistate cannabis operator iAnthus after a company investigation found he failed to disclose two loans totaling $160,000 in what was determined a “potential or apparent” conflict of interest. The announcement Monday comes in the wake of New York-based iAnthus defaulting on a $4.4 million interest payment […]

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Week in Review: Federal cannabis aid, California social equity, Brazil medical marijuana & more

Marijuana lobbyists and a group of lawmakers are continuing their fight to include cannabis-related businesses in coronavirus relief packages. MJBizDaily takeaway: The marijuana industry is a significant contributor to state economies across the country. But because the plant is illegal federally, it remains an uphill fight to allow the businesses to be eligible for federal coronavirus […]

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