Marijuana Industry Statistics, Data and Charts

Chart: Retail cannabis chains are on the rise in Colorado

By Eli McVey

As Colorado’s retail marijuana market matures, a growing number of stores are controlled by a handful of retail chain operators.

It’s a sign the cannabis industry may be headed in a direction similar to traditional retail businesses, where players like a Wal-Mart or Home Depot squeeze out smaller mom-and-pop stores.

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Chart: Retail marijuana sales vs. other industries & goods

By Eli McVey With revenue of $4 billion-$4.5 billion, sales of legal recreational and medical marijuana in 2016 topped those of Viagra and Cialis, paid music streaming services, tequila and Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a notable milestone for an industry still very much in its infancy.

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Chart: Oregon’s medical marijuana industry slumping

By Eli McVey The number of medical marijuana dispensaries and registered patients in Oregon is plunging now that the state’s recreational cannabis industry is fully operational, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the MMJ program’s future.

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Chart: Colorado marijuana sales off to strong start in 2017

By Eli McVey Colorado’s marijuana industry – one of the most mature in the nation – continues to thrive, posting record-setting sales figures through the first two months of 2017. Combined sales of medical and recreational marijuana in January and February 2017 totaled over $235 million, up 30% from the same period in 2016.

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Chart: 8 new marijuana markets slated to launch in 2018

By Eli McVey Get ready for the next iteration of the green rush. The marijuana industry is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in 2018, when at least eight of the 11 states that passed significant medical or recreational cannabis measures last year are expected to start sales.

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