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Cannabis labs watchful of supply disruptions during coronavirus crisis as testing demand remains strong

Marijuana testing labs report steady business as the COVID-19 outbreak rolls on, though concerns loom over the availability of protective equipment such as gloves and masks and other cleaning supplies. It’s a topic the cannabis industry will keep a careful eye on because, if the coronavirus pandemic eventually causes hiccups in testing, that could slow […]

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Marijuana retailers using drive-thru service to help limit contact with customers amid coronavirus

Some cannabis businesses are closing their doors – by choice or order – and they’re relying more on drive-thru windows as a way to better serve customers and avoid spreading coronavirus. It’s yet another example of how retailers are adapting to cope with the pandemic and keep their marijuana sales on track. Edgewater, Maryland-based Mana Supply Co., which […]

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Is marijuana ‘recession-proof?’ Industry experts say yes – to a point – and alcohol might be a guide

The legal cannabis industry appears poised to enter uncharted waters: an economy engulfed by a full-fledged recession. The coronavirus is inflicting severe damage to the world economy, raising the specter of a major economic contraction, and some economy watchers – including Bank of America – have already asserted the U.S. is in a recession. How would […]

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Adult-use cannabis sales plunge after briefly hitting new heights on coronavirus concerns

Adult-use marijuana sales plunged over the weekend, only a few days after skyrocketing to new heights as consumers prepared for fallout from coronavirus. The response might mark a natural decline after consumers stocked up before sheltering in place or it could be the result of economic pressures from the pandemic, which has resulted in the […]

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Amid coronavirus pandemic, California gov classifies cannabis industry as ‘essential’ during state’s effective lockdown

Under a clarification document Gov. Gavin Newsom issued late Friday, all licensed marijuana businesses in California can continue with business as usual during an effective statewide lockdown implemented in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The decision to categorize cannabis companies as “essential” in effect provides an economic lifeline to the marijuana industry by allowing MJ businesses to […]

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