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Week in Review: San Diego cannabis lawyer off the hook, VT targets gifting & Sweet Leaf reprieve

San Diego’s district attorney agrees to drop felony charges against a marijuana attorney, Vermont cracks down on “gifting” adult-use MJ, and Sweet Leaf wins a temporary reprieve from destroying $7.5 million worth of cannabis.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the past week.

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How high is too high? Valuations continue to climb for Canadian cannabis businesses

As more cannabis companies go public and private businesses raise capital at an unprecedented clip, valuations have become a hot topic among industry observers, insiders and investors. That’s especially true in Canada, where a growing number of cannabis firms have fetched multibillion-dollar valuations in the public markets as they’ve hustled to become a top player […]

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Why financing is a key hurdle for California cannabis firms – and forcing some to the black market

California’s newly regulated marijuana market is the biggest in the world, but not everyone seeking to do business there can acquire the tools to even break in, let alone succeed. Many cannabis business owners are encountering a lack of funding opportunities, curbing their ability to thrive and forcing some to operate in the illicit market, […]

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Community outreach helping cannabis companies gain edge on rivals, attract customers

Marijuana businesses nationwide are finding they can reap generous rewards from giving back to their local communities.

Being a good corporate citizen can make it easier for marijuana businesses to work with regulators and local officials, stand out from competitors and attract new customers and high-quality employees, according to industry executives and experts on corporate giving.

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‘Breakthrough’ in South Korea as cannabis law gets major backer

A move to legalize medical marijuana in South Korea picked up a key backer, increasing its chances of approval by the end of this year. South Korea would be the only country in Asia, besides Israel, to approve medical cannabis for qualifying patients, which would mark a significant milestone in the global medical cannabis industry. India […]

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State marijuana reforms could spark tens of millions of dollars in business opportunities

Pro-cannabis legislative reform has advanced in a number of states in 2018, with major business developments occurring in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other markets. The legislative changes and resulting program expansions could potentially boost medical marijuana sales by tens of millions of dollars a year, providing a shot in the arm to MMJ retailers, […]

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Week in Review: Florida cannabis lawsuits, NJ license expansions & Big Booze supports MJ legalization

Florida opts to add four more medical marijuana businesses, New Jersey doubles the number of its vertically integrated MMJ licenses, and cannabis legalization gets some support from Big Alcohol. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the past week. The Lawsuit State News that the Florida health department will issue four […]

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