A Conversation with Jessica Billingsley, CEO of Akerna

In this exclusive executive webcast, Akerna CEO Jessica Billingsley joins Investor Intelligence Analyst Mike Regan to discuss the company’s plans for growth and the role technology can play in addressing health challenges.

Key takeaways from the conversation were:

  • Billingsley confirmed KERN’s revenue guidance of $17 million for fiscal 2020, which ends in June. That guidance was previously provided in the reverse merger but not mentioned in the company’s fiscal 2019 earnings press release, conference call nor 10K. This is a dramatic acceleration to 56% growth for fiscal 2020 after only 4% total revenue growth and 10% revenue growth for the software revenue from MJPlatform in fiscal 2019.
  • Billingsley noted this $17 million revenue target is organic revenue growth; therefore, any acquisition announcements should increase the $17 million target.
  • Utah will be a key driver of revenue growth in fiscal 2020.